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Teaching Toward Justice

Curated Resources on Antiracism for English Teachers and Teacher Educators

MCTE’s diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity (dije) subcommittee has curated resources for Michigan PreK-16 English teachers and teacher educators to help them make choices for their classroom centered on justice as enacted through antiracism. We have selected videos, movies, articles, websites, books, book lists, podcasts, and curated resource lists. While we have tried to make the list expansive, it is not comprehensive to the many materials that can be found on the internet because it would be impossible to include all those here. 

Our hope is that these resources will inspire teachers to engage in antiracism and justice, and develop their literacy in racial justice in their curricular, pedagogical, and assessment decisions.

Books by and about Michiganders: We want to highlight selected resources that speak specifically to the teaching of English Language Arts and resources for English Language Arts teacher educators. All books, including pedagogical texts, take place in Michigan, and/or are by Michigan authors, and/or are about Michiganders. We have attempted to highlight Black and Indigenous authors, but know that there are many, regrettably, that we have missed. 

To help us continue to collect and share resources, please fill out this google form to let us know titles we are missing. On the same form, we are also collecting text pairing suggestions that we can highlight. For example, Linguistic Justice might be a useful book for teachers to read before reading any book written in or where characters speak Black Language. 

We hope these resources nudge you to conspire for antiracism.

To search for resources, start with your understanding of antiracism.

If you are asking questions about what is antiracism, or want to understand more about how racism manifests in the English Language Arts classroom, click that you are ready to learn

If you want to know what you can do to make changes in your classroom (and your life) so that you are consciously choosing antiracism, click that you are ready to be an ally

If you are ready to give up your own privilege and take risks for others—students and colleagues who have been traditionally marginalized—click that you are ready to be a co-conspirator (click here to learn more about allyship v conspiring). 

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