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Language Arts Journal of Michigan


Sierra Holmes, Greg Shafer, and Amanda Stearns-Pfeiffer, Co-Editors

The Language Arts Journal of Michigan is published twice a year.

Archived issues from 1985 to the present are available at Scholarworks.

Current Call for Manuscripts

Spring 2019: The College, Career, and Community Writing Program of the National Writing Project

Deadline: March 15, 2019

The College, Career, and Community Writing Program (C3WP) is National Writing Project’s new and innovative argument writing program that answers the urgent and contemporary call for respectful civic engagement and discourse. The program is based upon cycles of writing that take place four times a year and include the following unique features: routine argument writing; skills-based mini-units emphasizing the use of current nonfiction sources; the recursive writing of thesis statements that emerge and evolve as students read over time; multiple perspectives beyond pro/con; embedded, teacher-driven formative assessment; and teacher professional development.

This LAJM issue will begin with an invited article written by NWP leaders Tom Fox and Rachel Bear that provides an overview of the C3WP. Additional articles could explore the following C3WP topics:

  • routine argument writing
  • implementation of the C3WP skills-based mini-units
  • text sets that introduce multiple perspectives beyond pro/con
  • the Using Sources Tool (UST) and teacher-driven formative assessment of student writing that informs
  • “next steps” for instruction
  • nuanced thesis statements and recursive claims that emerge/evolve through the reading/writing process
  • teaching/implementation of Graff & Birkenstein’s They Say, I Say templates
  • teaching/implementation of the Harris Moves
  • data driven reports of literacy growth for individual students or entire schools
  • professional development initiatives promoting the C3WP

To learn more about the College, Career, and Community Writing Program, see Friedrich, Bear, and Fox’s “For the Sake of Argument: An Approach to Teaching Evidence-Based Writing” at https://www.aft.org/ae/spring2018/friedrich_bear_fox or visit the C3WP homepage at https://sites.google.com/nwp.org/c3wp.

For questions regarding manuscript submissions, please contact Elizabeth Brockman at [email protected].


MET (Michigan English Teacher) Newsletter 

Toby Kahn-Loftus, Editor

The MET is published regularly and updates members about MCTE’s events and resources. 

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