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The dije committee seeks to support teachers each year with scholarships to increase participation at the MCTE Fall Conference on the part of teachers from historically underrepresented groups.

This scholarship is currently open.

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Application deadline: Monday, October 2, 2023, 11:59PM EST.



To increase participation at the MCTE Fall Conference on the part of teachers and teacher educators from historically underrepresented groups whose presence, participation, and contributions are central to the full realization of MCTE’s goals to serve Michigan teachers and their students in ways that privilege diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity. 


This scholarship offers to pay the registration costs for MCTE 2023 Fall Conference attendees who are members of groups historically underrepresented in MCTE. Any pre- or inservice teacher of English Language Arts who represents a historically underrepresented ethnic group in MCTE (African American, Asian American, Mexican American, Middle Eastern North African American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, Puerto Rican and other Latinx American, and American Indian), or who teaches at a Title I school in Michigan is eligible to apply. Joint applications are encouraged. 

Award criteria

Scholarships will be awarded to the applicant/s who meet/s the eligibility requirement, whose application letters indicate the greatest potential for contributing to their personal professional development plan, and helping their colleagues grow as successful teachers of English Language Arts. Awardees who propose a session for the 2023 MCTE Fall Conference and are accepted will also receive a reduced registration fee for the 2023 Fall Conference.

Award specifics

Awardees will have their registration fees waived for the MCTE 2023 Fall Conference. To apply, use the form linked below or send the following application materials to the MCTE diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity (dije) chairs at [email protected]. Please include the award name in the subject line of the email.

A brief letter of application explaining (if submitting a joint application, each applicant must submit a separate letter):

    1. your professional and pre-professional background;
    2. how you anticipate your participation in the annual conference will benefit you and your English Language Arts teacher colleagues;
    3. be sure to include your name, school, and role (i.e., K12 teacher, preservice teacher, teacher educator, graduate student, etc) in your letter.

A brief letter of support from a senior colleague or mentor commenting on your promise as a participant in MCTE. If you are submitting a joint application, you may submit one letter of support for the applicant team.

Once awardees acknowledge notification of award, they will be registered for the conference.

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