About MCTE

Founded in 1922, the Michigan Council of Teachers of English (MCTE) is NCTE's state affiliate for Michigan K-16 English language arts teachers and English educators.
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Our Mission & Vision

We are better together.

MCTE provides professional development for English language arts teachers and English education professors throughout the state. Our goals are to disseminate current English education scholarship and assist English language arts teachers as they make decisions about pedagogical practices, student populations, and teaching philosophies.

MCTE’s purpose is to promote the better teaching of English Language Arts in the State of Michigan. The success of the Michigan Council of Teachers of English depends in large measure on developing and sustaining a strong grassroots system. MCTE’s primary mission is to support and celebrate K-16 educators with organizational initiatives designed to create successful learning models for Michigan’s students. MCTE fosters information-sharing, professional development, and networking with other state literacy groups and local writing projects.

Who We Are

MCTE’s Executive Committee


Geryl Lobert

Geryl Lobert


Jonathan Bush

Jonathan Bush

Past President

April Baker-Bell

April Baker-Bell


Ben Woodcock

Ben Woodcock


Andrea Zellner

Andrea Zellner

Vice President

Jim Kroll

Jim Kroll

Executive Director

MCTE Officers

President: Geryl Lobert
President-Elect: April Baker-Bell
Vice President: Andrea Zellner
Past President: Jonathan Bush
Secretary: Ben Woodcock
Executive Director: Jim Kroll

Section Chairs

Elementary School Chair: Shelley Esman
Middle School Chair: Amanda Moeggenborg
Secondary Chair: Danielle Marsh
College Chair: Carlin Borsheim-Black
Diversity, Inclusion, Justice, Equity (DIJE) Chair: Naitnaphit Limlamai
Media Manager: Janet Neyer


Language Arts Journal of Michigan Editors: Shireen Al-Adeimi, Kaitlin Glause, and Christina Ponzio
Michigan English Teacher Newsletter Editor: Toby Kahn-Loftus


Ben Briere
Lamar Johnson
Toby Kahn-Loftus
Christa Robinson
Rosalyn Shahid
Jessica Sherburn
Kathy Tighe
Deb Van Duinen
Michael Ziegler

Additional Personnel

Michigan Department of Education Liaison: Mary E. Cox
Youth Programs Coordinator/Michigan Youth Arts Festival Liaison: Abbey Lilly-Lacca
Student Affiliate Representative (WMU): Megan Oldham
Student Representative (CMU): Owen Farney
Student Representative (MSU): Maria Maniolas

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