With deep condolences and heavy hearts, we mourn the four students who lost their lives in the shooting that occurred at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan. We stand beside the six young adults and one teacher who were wounded, wishing them and their families a peaceful recovery. We also acknowledge the intense pain that this tragedy has brought to the victims’ and survivors’ families, the student body of Oxford High School, employees and friends of Oxford Community Schools, and educators and community members across Michigan. We stand in solidarity, firm in our belief that violence, discrimination, and hatred in schools are unacceptable and represent an assault against all of humanity.


As a professional organization representing our state’s English language arts teachers and English educators, MCTE condemns all hateful incidents and calls for an end to all school violence. We will continue to support student centered healing by resolving to address trauma and grief in manageable, resilient ways as Michigan educators.


Kia Jane Richmond, MCTE Co-President
Andy Schoenborn, MCTE Co-President
Andrea Zellner, MCTE President-Elect
Carrie Mattern, MCTE Vice President
Geryl Weis-Lobert, MCTE Past President
Jim Kroll, MCTE Executive Director